Thursday, December 2, 2010

I've Officially Downed the Cult Kool-Aid

So, I’ve officially converted and become a full on Apple geek.  I bought my MacBook Pro a year ago this January and will never go back to using a PC.  Well, except at work.  Mostly because I have to and believe me I complain on a daily basis about the Microsoft glitches I’m consistently face with.  If I thought I could convince the Dept. of Labor to convert I would.  Maybe I’ll start working on that. 

After falling knock you on your ass in love with my MacBook Pro I started thinking about whether or not I’d take another leap and purchase an iPhone 4.  I went back and forth about whether it was something I really needed.  I didn’t.  Despite this conclusion I arrived at I finally bought one Tuesday and dear god I don’t know how I lived without it all those years.  It’s so responsive.  If people responded as efficiently as my phone I’d spend far less time frustrated.  I have access to everything I could ever want right at my fingertips.  There is an app for everything.  I’ve already downloaded a mess of them.  When I say you can get an app for everything I mean it.  Among others some of those listed in the “Top 25 Free Apps” are the following: iDork (a game featuring a stick-figure character), Find My iPhone (anywhere remotely), Facebook (of course), Female Orgasm Ideas (in case you need some—I ideas or orgasms), iBooks (in case you need some quick reading during long waits—anywhere?), Google Mobile (because all answers are on Google and now you can have answers at all times), and many more useful-or-useless apps.  Once I decided I needed to purchase an iPhone I had to decide what size to get. 

Did I really need 32G of memory in a phone I didn’t really need in the first person? Nah, 16G would be plenty.  Of course I bought the 32G.  That way I’ll have plenty of room to store useless apps in a phone I don’t really need—32G worth of room in fact.  And it’s a damn sexy piece of electronic brilliance.  Not to mention it carries all the music I own.  It’s a computer, a book, a game center, an iPod, and anything else I can dream up.  All that hype is true and now I’m ruined for life.  I’ve downed the cult kool-aid and there’s no turning back.


  1. ha ha ha. i love it. i got the new itouch about a month ago, and can't say that i regret it. it's a fancy little machine for sure.... i got the itouch so i wouldnt have to pay the monthly bill of the iphone... now i'm starting to sway a little bit. what are prices like?? arent they close $100 a month??

  2. okay, don't answer if you don't want to... i also want the new iMac. hahhaha. yeah...

  3. Yeah, it's not cheap, but you pay for quality. If you get on a plan with someone else it makes it cheaper as well. I'm splitting mine down the middle so even with us both having data plans we'll pay like $60-70 each. I was paying almost that much for a phone that didn't have even a fraction of the capabilities my iphone does. It was worth the money in my opinion.